The internet is full of great resources for people interested in language.

Here are a few of our favourites. In no particular order!

Please contact us if you have more suggestions!


1. The Ling Space is a YouTube channel with lots of interesting videos on various linguistic topics.

A particular favourite of ours is their video on ambiguity.


2. The Allusionist is @helenzaltzman‘s language podcast.

There are too many great episodes to list, but here is a link to one entitled “This is your brain on language” that features @JenniRodd.


3. Read Oxford

This website is maintained by Kate Nation (@ReadOxford) and other researchers at the University of Oxford. It has has a number of well-written, accessible blog posts about learning to read.

For example, this one is focuses on the challenges faced by children learning to read in English who speak a different language at home: Learning to read in another language


4. Separated by a Common Language

This entertaining blog is written by Linguist Lynne Murphy (@lynneguist) from Sussex University. It explore the subtle differences in American and British English, providing a useful reminder of how varied the representations used by different speakers of the same language can be.

For example, this post is a Donald Trump inspired discussion of difference in how the word “lewd” is used in the UK and US: Lewd


5. Language Log 

This includes fascinating and topical articles on language research and language


6. BishopBlog

Articles and opinion from Professor Dorothy Bishop (@deevybee) – one of the foremost researchers in the UK working on language impairment. And a personal hero!


7. Jenni Rodd’s lab website

This site includes information about The Word Lab’s research on ambiguous words and comprehension. Jenni has also given a UCL Lunch Hour Lecture on her research, which is meant for a general audience. It even includes some demo ‘experiments’!